UpScale's function is to allow your to store and use your bathroom scale.
UpScale is easy to use and install.  It can even be operated with one finger.
UpScale will work with the bathroom scale you have now and the one you'll have in the future.
We designed and manufacture UpScale in the USA and made sure it's durable.  We offer a four year warranty.

Design of UpScale

When we designed Upscale, it had to meet 4 criteria.  It had to be functional, easy to use, flexible and durable. Only by meeting these goals do you get a product as innovative as UpScale.


First and foremost, UpScale had to do what we set out to do.  It had to store your scale off the floor, above the baseboard where it’s out of the way, while allowing you to use your scale in seconds.  At first we didn’t fully realize the possibilities this would create.

We have a ½ bath and a full bath and neither bathroom allowed us to keep a scale out without tripping over it.  We were testing early prototypes for a few months before we realized that we could attach UpScale to the back of a door. This opened up even more possibilities.

Our tiny ½ bath could actually have 2 scales! You wouldn’t do that, but, we never expected with a bathroom not much bigger than a closet, that we would have more than one place for a scale.  Our full bath has room for 5 scales!  We knew we achieved our goal when we realized that even if someone did install that many scales, they wouldn’t be in the way or diminish the functionality of the room.


This was a big one for us.  We wanted to use a scale frequently, but we knew if it wasn’t easy to use, we wouldn’t use it.  It had to be easy to install or people wouldn’t install it. UpScale was designed to only need one hand to operate.  Raising or lowering a scale, rotating it 90 degrees while ensuring the scale is horizontal right at the moment it reaches the floor takes more coordination than you think.

UpScale completely controls one end of the scale so all you need is one hand. In fact, it controls it so well, you can operate it with one finger.  Moving a scale without UpScale vs with UpScale is like hanging a coat on a hanger vs a coat hook. The coat hanger isn’t difficult, but it requires both hands and a lot more manipulation. The coat hook is so much faster, easier and can be done with one hand.  UpScale is so easy to use, it's the coat hook of bathroom scale storage.


Flexible to us meant that it had to work with any digital scale, not just the one you have now, but the one you’ll have in the future.  It had to work for anyone and attach to any surface you may encounter in your home. We provide plenty of vertical adjustment to account for different scale heights.  This vertical adjustment allows you to attach UpScale to your wall once and then adjust it to the height of your scale. UpScale was designed to place your scale 4.5 inches from the wall, but there's an optional extension to give you more room.

You’ll find you can use a larger, nicer scale, even in the smallest bathroom.

We provide fasteners to attach to many types of wall or door surfaces.  We’re confident you’ll be able to attach UpScale to any wall or door.

Working with current and future scales, providing extra room and attaching to any surface makes UpScale extremely flexible.


UpScale's patented mechanism is the key to its ease of use and functionality.

 We know and understand exactly how UpScale works and what it’s made of.  We want you using your bathroom scale frequently and designed the mechanism to easily handle that kind of use.  You’re not going to wear it out.  While working in engineering, I’ve witnessed first hand the difference in quality between US and foreign suppliers.  That's why we designed and built it in the USA to last.

We built UpScale to last and offer a four year warranty.

One of the most unique and innovative products

Not only is UpScale the only product that stores your scale out of the way, but it does it by bringing together functionality, ease of use, flexibility and durability.  We believe we’ve created one of the most innovative products on the market.  We hope you feel the same. We would love to hear what you think. Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know!