Lisa, Brian & Holly

What Lisa and Brian say:  We’re Lisa and Brian.  Like millions of other people, we wanted to reach and maintain a healthy weight.  In order to do this, we needed to weigh ourselves regularly. Problem was, we didn’t have a place to keep a scale that was convenient and easy to use.  This problem isn’t about the size of the bathroom. We’ve had large and small bathrooms, but due to the floor plan and traffic patterns, there just wasn’t a place to keep a scale handy without it being a tripping hazard.

Don't stand your bathroom scale on edge or store it in a cabinet.  Get an UpScale where it will be ready to use, even when you're in a hurry.

What Brian says:  I’ve spent my entire career,  over 30 years in engineering. I’ve worked for companies that made aircraft engines, automobiles and home appliances.  I also have fascination with machines and modeling parts in CAD software. I’ve always done my own work on my cars and motorcycles and I have taken watch and clock repair classes.  I’ve had many invention ideas, but I never acted on any of them, until I came up with UpScale. I knew if I didn’t follow through and create it, I’d regret it for the rest of my life.

UpScale has been instrumental in helping me maintain my weight.  A few years before UpScale was invented, I lost just over 50 pounds.  I didn’t have easy access to a scale then. I really came to appreciate how helpful UpScale is while I was using some of my early prototypes.  Originally I was going to make one just for my own personal use, but I thought there were other people like me that could benefit from it and decided to manufacture it.

It’s taken many years, and countless CAD models and prototypes to create the UpScale you see on our site.  I was obsessed with making it easy to use, functional and durable. I’m excited that it was able to exceed all my expectations.  I’m also proud to make it in the USA.

What Lisa says:  My previous experience in retail and healthcare are a perfect compliment to Brian’s technical background.  I also have mad organizational skills and can master the most complex spreadsheet. I knew that women would be purchasing UpScale and helped turn it into something they would buy and want to have in their bathroom.  

I too have struggled with my weight from both ends, being over and under weight.  Having back problems emphasized how important it is that I manage my weight.  I also had breast cancer in 2014 and some of the medications I was on made it so I didn’t want to eat.  It was important that I weighed myself daily. Having UpScale made this easy to do. I can't stress enough how important it is to monitor your weight regularly so you can make corrections before it gets too out of control. Having a healthy body is not a given and maintaining my weight is just one of the steps I take.

UpScale holding bathroom scale