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Using UpScale and your scale

Yes! Digital scales need to be zeroed every time they've been moved, even if it's just from the stored up position to the down use position.

Apply a little pressure to your scale to wake it up. Some scales are ready to use as soon as the display shows zero. Some scales you need to wait until the scale turns off before weighing. Your owners manual will have the correct zeroing method for your scale.

If you're getting inconsistent readings from your scale, there's a few things you can do.

First, zero your scale before you use it following your scale manufacturer's instructions. This is the most common cause for inconsistent readings.

If you have tile floors, make sure the scales feet aren't hitting between tiles. Your floor needs to be flat. Sometimes certain tiles aren't as level as others. You may need to move your scale to a more level location. When testing scales, we observed that some scales are more sensitive to uneven tiles than others. You many need a different scale.

UpScale's sliding motion that locks and unlocks the mechanism also insures that it doesn't affect the accuracy of your scale. For this to work, there needs to be a small amount of slack in the sliding mechanism. Too much gap can cause the reading to be heavier than it should and too little can make the reading less than it should. See owners manual to adjust proper gap.

My scale was giving consistent readings but now it's not. Very good chance the batteries are going dead. Many scales have a low battery indicator, but can give inconsistent readings before the indicator comes on.

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UpScale has not been tested with scales that have BMI sensors. We're not convinced that the BMI readings are accurate. That being said, as long as the attachment bracket can be attached to the scale without touching the sensor, it should work.