UpScale is Made in the USA


From her garage in Saint Joseph, Michigan, Lisa from the UpScale Scale shows us how the mechanism for an UpScale is assembled.

UpScale isn't a simple hinge. meaning it does more than just rotate.  To move a scale from the stored position above the baseboard, to the use position on the floor, your scale needs to transition through 3 movements.  It does rotate 90 degrees, but in addition, it lowers it 6 1/2 inches and pushes it away from the 4 1/2 inches.  To do this and maintain a compact package, 6 parts that pivot about 7 rivets are required.

Riveting is a cost effective and very robust method of joining parts.  Lisa takes us through the steps it takes to rivet all 6 parts on her 1987 National Rivet Model 800 that she calls Rosie. 

At The UpScale Scale, we're the only manufacturer producing a bathroom scale storage device that also focuses on use.

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