Solving the bathroom scale storage problem

Like a lot of things, storing your bathroom scale isn't something you think about until it becomes an issue.  Inventing a product that solves this specific issue, means I've thought way too much about this. 


Leaning your scale against the wall:  Scale will slide down on its own and become a tripping hazard.  Can even break feet off of scale, crack tiles or chip glass scales.

Storing your scale in a cabinet or closet: If all you're wanting is to have your scale out of the way, this will do. We found this method turned our scale into another product we didn't use because there was just too much effort to get it out and put it back.

Wall mounted bracket to hold your scale:   Low cost solution.  Glass scales are heavy and manipulating them while bent over first thing in the morning can be challenging.  Good chance of banging scale into wall, bracket or floor when putting it back or placing on floor.  Walls and scale will get banged up.

UpScale:  Easily control a heavy glass scale with one hand, even when you're not fully awake (read the details as to why using one hand is so important, hint:  much less bending over).  Impossible to bang scale into wall, and easy to set scale on the floor gently.

How this journey of solving the scale storage problem got its start.

My wife and I had recently moved into a small, 2 bedroom, 1 & 1/2 bath condo.  Even though it was small, the bedroom loft made it feel like we were living in a resort.  One evening, I walked in the 1/2 bath that's on the main floor.  This room is almost an empty room.  There's a toilet, a vanity with sink and mirror, soap dispenser, towel ring with towel and a picture on the wall.  Definitely not a cluttered room.  Oh, I forgot to mention, there's a bathroom scale leaning against the wall, on the floor between the toilet and sink.

It wasn't even a nice bathroom scale.  It was cheap and flimsy.  It didn't give consistent readings.  We bought it specifically for that room knowing it would fall over and we didn't want to break a nice, expensive, glass scale. I can't express how I felt, but this scale standing on edge turned our nice little resort into something you might find at cheap motel.  We bought an inexpensive scale that didn't work well and it made our bathroom look cheap.  It was a waste of money.

Our full bath, although much larger, didn't have room to leave a scale out either.

I was talking to my wife about this and she said, "why don't you invent something to fix this?".  Her suggestion is what lead to the creation of UpScale.

Why UpScale is the ultimate scale storage solution

I won't pretend I'm impartial, but there really are significant differences between options.

What gives UpScale its advantage is that it completely controls one end of your scale allowing for one handed operation (one finger even).  This doesn't sound like a big advantage, but let me explain why it's HUGE!  Try to reach something off the top shelf of your kitchen cabinet.  Now try reaching it using two hands.  You don't have near the reach with two hands as you do with one.  The simple act of turning your shoulders and using one arm really extends your reach.  The same is true if you're reaching for something on the floor.  Picking it up with two hands requires more bending over than using one.

Bathroom scales are fairly heavy and you need two hands to properly keep them under control when picking them up and putting them down.  This is true whether you're storing your scale in a cabinet our using a wall mounted bracket.  You have to bend over much more to set it on the floor and pick it up with to hands.  It's just how our reach works.  Remember, you're also more likely to be doing this first thing in the morning while you might not be fully awake.  How many times do you think you'll bang your scale into the wall or floor while your trying to manipulate a heavy scale while bent over?

With UpScale, lifting your scale off the floor or putting it down, is done with one finger (you can use two fingers if you want, it won't shorten your reach).  UpScale is the smarts, you are the power.  It's like opening and closing a door.  The hinge is the smarts, you supply the power.  One finger is all you need to open and close a door because the hinge has complete control of the door.  Remove one (or both) of the hinges and try to open and close it.  It can be done, but it just got a lot more difficult.  UpScale isn't a simple hinge, but it controls your scale just like a hinge controls the door.  This control allows for one handed operation with greater control and less bending over.  You can't bang the scale into the wall when storing it with UpScale.  As you lower the scale, it's very easy to place it gently on the floor because UpScale is helping guide it.

 Watching your weight is tough

My wife and I both know how difficult it is to manage our weight.  We find weighing ourselves regularly essential.  Not having easy access to our scale or using a cheap scale that did't give consistent readings, got in the way of reaching and maintaining our weight goals.  We hope UpScale will be as useful to use as it has been to us. 

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