Innovative Storage

Weigh yourself effortlessly

What is UpScale?

UpScale is a device that makes weighing yourself effortless while storing your bathroom scale in an inventive way.  It makes use of space you never knew you had.

UpScale easily attaches to your bathroom scale

Easy to Attach

Uses your scale

UpScale makes it easy to store and use your scale.  It's easy to install too.

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UpScale keeps your bathroom scale off the floor, out of the way and ready for use.  Gives you easy access to your scale. Helps keep your bathroom clean and clutter free.

      • In Stock:  (100+) White  (100+) Black
      • Height adjustable.  Attach to any digital scale
      • All fasteners included
      • 4 year warranty.
      • Bathroom scale not included.

Also available on Amazon

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Makes mopping easier with less to pick up

Keep your scale where you want to use it, not in a cabinet

  • From stored to use and back in seconds. Go ahead, weigh yourself even when you're in a hurry. UpScale won't slow you down.
  • Less bending over. Using your fingertips from one hand extends your reach. You don't need to bend over as much to pick up or place your scale on the floor.
  • UpScale prevents damage to your scale, tiles and wall. Heavy glass scales are easily controlled. Even when you're half asleep.
  • Avoids a tripping hazard. With your scale off the floor and tight to the wall you can keep it in a walkway without tripping over it.

Bathrooms that never had a place for a scale can have multiple locations

We found we weighed ourselves regularly when we had easy access to our scale. We could even use a larger, nicer scale in our tiny 1/2 bath.

Your full bath has space for many scales
Your 1/2 bath has room for two scales

Made in the USA

UpScale is designed and made in the USA.  Our patented machanism is what gives UpScale it's advantage over any other storage solution.  Making it in the USA insures its quality.

UpScale is not available in stores, but can be purchased here or on Amazon.

Leave your scale plain or give it pretty bottoms! We've decorated ours with laptop decals