Any bathroom

Off the floor

And above the baseboard

Out of the way

You won't know it's there

Ready to use

From stored to use in seconds

Works anywhere

even in the smallest bathroom

Leave it plain or give it pretty bottoms! We've decorated ours with laptop decals

Innovative Design

Easy to use and install.

We designed it to be operated with one hand, but a couple of fingers is all you need.

Patented Mechanism

UpScale was  invented, designed and made in the USA from galvanized steel and heavy duty zinc coated rivets, UpScale was designed and built to be durable.

UpScale can help you gently lower your scale to the floor from above even a 6" baseboard.

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Height adjustable

You're going to have UpScale for a long time.  We made sure it will work with the scale you have now and the one you'll have in the future.

Attach UpScale to your wall and adjust it to the height of any scale.  It really is that easy.

Not only do we want UpScale to work anywhere and with any scale, we want it to work for anyone.

Want a little more room?

UpScale places your scale 4.5 inches from the wall.  With the optional extension, your scale will be 8.5 inches away.

Keep in mind a large scale will give even more room than a small scale.

Buy Extension

Without Extension

With Optional Extension

Choose your color

UpScale comes in glossy black or glossy white to complement or add accent to your bathroom.



Regular price $49.95 Sale price $39.95

UpScale keeps your bathroom scale off the floor, out of the way and ready for use.  Gives you easy access to your scale. Helps keep your bathroom clean and clutter free.

  • You'll have a convenient place for your scale.  Attaches to walls or doors.
  • Height adjustable so it can attach to your current scale or ones you'll have in the future.
  • Benefits the largest bathroom as well the smallest 1/2 bath.
  • We included all the fasteners you'll need to attach to any wall or door surface you may encounter.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Bathroom scale not included.
UpScale Extension
UpScale Extension

UpScale Extension

Regular price $9.00

Easily attaches to UpScale to give an extra 4 inches of space between you and the wall.

  • Places your scale 8 1/2 inches from the wall or door.